Aeras at the 47th Union World Conference on Lung Health

Balloons fromt the Aeras booth at the 47th annual Union World Conference.

This past October Aeras was pleased to join the 47th annual Union World Conference on Lung Health in Liverpool, UK. The Union Conference is the world’s largest gathering of stakeholders working to end TB and lung diseases and Aeras took the opportunity to help raise the visibility of TB vaccine R&D. Highlights include:

  • Aeras's 2nd Stakeholder Meeting and Luncheon on 26 October. This meeting provided an opportunity for Aeras to update stakeholders on our progress and programs, with a particular focus on Aeras-partnered clinical trials. These updates were followed by two thought-provoking panel discussions, on “The Urgent Need for New TB Vaccines” and on “Community Engagement in Clinical Trials.” 
  • Aeras CEO Dr. Jacqueline Shea participating in a panel discussion entitled “From new treatments to prevention” during the WHO Global TB Symposium. Dr. Shea's presentation focused on recent advances in TB vaccine R&D and the state of the TB vaccine pipeline. View the presentation
  • The Aeras and TBVI symposium on “New Approaches and Innovations in TB Vaccine Research and Development,” which included a presentation on diversifying the TB vaccine portfolio, therapeutic vaccination, mucosal vaccination and local immunity, and continuing efforts to identify correlates of immunity and protection. View the presentation
  • A symposium organized by the Stop TB Partnership Working Group on New Vaccines (Aeras is a member) and the Working Groups on New Drugs and New Diagnostics on “Reframing resistance: research and innovation to improve patient care and end drug-resistant TB.” Speakers discussed progress in developing a universal regimen for TB, next generation sequencing and the goal of universal drug-susceptibility testing, developing a new vaccine to prevent all forms of TB, and the critical need for increased investment to support research that will improve patient-centered care. View the presentation
  • The Research Literacy Networking Zone (RLNZ) hosted by Aeras and the TB Alliance in the Community Common. The RLNZ featured research literacy materials that the organizations have developed – including videos, a speaking book, a train-the-trainer manual, and pamphlets - to facilitate community literacy on TB drug and vaccine clinical trials. Feedback gathered at the RLNZ will inform development of new literacy tools.
  • Aeras’s Exhibit Hall booth, which challenged participants to blow up a balloon in 18 seconds or less, representing the startling mortality rate of TB. By the end of the conference, the booth was filled with balloons, reminding all of us how urgently we need to end this deadly epidemic.