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Natalie Skipper, a young woman from Tennessee, survived multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, but not before it flipped her life upside down. She writes for the Huffington Post on why she decided to share her story through Aeras' EXPOSED film series.

In a Global Health and Technologies Coalition (GHTC) guest blog post, Aeras' Director of Market Access, Angeline Nanni, reflects on World Immunization Week.

Aeras' Tom Evans and TBVI's Jelle Thole write for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Impatient Optimists blog on South Africa's crucial role in TB vaccine R&D.

Aeras' VP for External Affairs, Kari Stoever, writes at her Huffington Post blog about the need to prevent tuberculosis through vaccination.

World TB Day 2013 Statement by Tom Evans, MD