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The numbers are brutal: “Three years, one week, one day” of TB treatment — 23 tablets a day,” to fight the #1 killer in South Africa. Today, the New York Times published an op-ed by Dr. Uvi Naidoo about his three-year struggle to be cured of a severe form of MDR-TB that he contracted during his medical residency in South Africa. Dr. Naidoo’s fight against this awful disease is heartbreaking. And yet it’s all too common.

This past week, a group of about 500 people came together in the name of global development and advocacy for a five day conference. Running from July 18-July 22 and sponsored in part by Aeras, the conference offered a variety of programming including seminars, skill building workshops, plenaries, an advocacy day, a congressional reception, and a final gala.Here's what we learned!

Developing vaccines for tuberculosis represents a major global health priority and has been recognized as a critically important strategy to meet the World Health Organization’s ambitious goal of eliminating TB as a global health threat by 2035.

In honor of Robert Koch's 1882 discovery, we mark every March 24th as World TB Day. But more than a century later, tuberculosis remains a dangerous epidemic. Join us as we speak up on World TB Day!