Planning for Adult Vaccination in Middle- and Low-Income Countries, HIV, TB, and Malaria Workshop

Aeras conducted a 1 1/2 day workshop to explore how best to lay the groundwork for expanded adolescents and adult vaccination campaigns for TB, HIV, malaria and other adolescents and adult vaccines in low- and middle-income countries – including, establishing a research agenda, potential changes in the policy and practice environment for immunization in middle and low-income countries, and advocacy approaches.  Key experts in TB, HIV and malaria policy, access, delivery, and other stakeholders in vaccine decision-making attended the workshop to identify the key social and behavioral determinants and structure needed to drive adolescents and adult vaccination and to pinpoint where better information or research would fill critical knowledge gaps to better inform decision makers.  While TB, HIV and malaria infection and disease control has been high on the agenda of countries and organizations such as the WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to date, global attention surrounding adolescents and adult vaccination strategies in middle and low-income countries has been limited.

View presentations from the 1 ½ day workshop below:


Presented by Angeline Nanni, Aeras

Presented by Stephanie Gati, Aeras

Presented by Dr. Aharona Glatman-Freedman, New York Medical College

Presented by David Curry, New York University Medical School

Presented by Dr. Arne Naeveke, IAVI

Presented by Dr. Ann Ginsberg, Aeras

Presented by Carla Botting, PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative

Presented by Thomas O’Connell, UNICEF

Presented by Dr. Vicky Cardenas, Aeras

Presented by Amanda Glassman, Center for Global Development

Presented by Danielle Ompad, New York University