UN High Level Meeting on TB - Social Media Toolkit

TB vaccine R&D remains overlooked and underfunded by global leaders. We need your support in keeping the importance of TB vaccine research at the top of policy makers’ minds in the lead up to the UN High Level Meeting on September 26th. Help us spread the word!

Key TB vaccine messages:

  • Recent progress demonstrates new more effective TB vaccines are achievable
  • We will not end the TB epidemic without new vaccines and vaccination strategies
  • TB is an urgent global health epidemic that deserves a substantial increase in R&D investment
  • TB vaccines must be included in any policy and advocacy initiatives to end TB
  • Without sustained global funding and support for TB vaccine research, we will not have a new vaccine
  • An effective vaccine that can reduce TB transmission would by far have the most significant impact on the global TB epidemic

UN HLM Messages:

  • By 2025 we need to have one or more new or repurposed vaccines ready to enter the registration process for global use to end TB
  • We will not make progress without investments in R&D
  • TB R&D is severely underfunded & we need at least an additional 1.3 billion USD per year to urgently accelerate development & uptake of new tools
  • Investments in tuberculosis care and prevention are critical to achieving UHC (vaccines are THE most important preventative tools)


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TB kills more people than any other infectious disease in the world. But TB vaccines get only a fraction of the investment. We need global commitment to TB vaccine R&D to #EndTB. #UNHLMTB #vaccineswork

A world with new TB vaccines is a world without TB. Now is the time for global health leaders to step up and support TB vaccine R&D #EndTB #UNHLMTB (tag a global health leader!)

Investing in TB vaccines now could save millions of dollars and millions of lives. We need global commitment to TB R&D at the #UNHLMTB if we want to #EndTB! #vaccineswork #vaccinateforlife