World TB Day 2017

Together with partners, advocates, and TB survivors, Aeras worked online, on the Hill, and beyond to spread the message about the urgent need for new TB vaccines this World TB Day.

At our Rockville office, all efforts were focused on our second annual Capitol Hill event, which brought together 20 TB survivors, caretakers, and advocates from around the US to speak with Senators and Representatives about their experiences. Their compelling stories were well received, and everyone who met the survivors walked away with a much deeper, more personal connection to the TB community.

The following day, Aeras had the honor of hosting Liz Stapf, a TB survivor from Oregon. Liz joined us for a lunch discussion about her experiences with TB and enthusiastically answered all of our questions. It was an enlightening discussion and an excellent reminder that our work has real-life impact.

Online, Vice President of External Affairs Dara Erck shared a powerful story about UK survivor and advocate Amy McConville, arguing for increased global investment in the fight against TB. Senior Research Specialist Megan Fitzpatrick wrote about why she feels the urgent need for TB vaccines more strongly than ever.  And our social media team was hard at work sharing photos, infographics, and more to help raise awareness about World TB Day and the fight to end TB.

Across the globe, our teams in South Africa and Asia were just as busy – please keep reading for a recap of their activities. We’d like to thank each and every supporter who helped make all of this possible, and hope we can keep the momentum going throughout 2017!