WTBD Europe: Personal Stories and Focusing on AMR

In Europe, our team worked to put a face and name to the TB crisis, publishing personal stories about surviving TB and the urgent need for more TB vaccine research. On the UK Huffington Post blog, Vice President of External Affairs Dara Erck made an emotional plea through survivor Amy McConville's story. As someone who has been treated for latent TB, Dara's own story was translated into German and shared on Huffington Post Germany. Over at DSW's Imagine 2030 campaign, Aeras joined other TB stakeholders in a blog series leading up to World TB Day. To complement these press opportunities, Aeras key messages were shared with about 50 regional stakeholders in various European countries, including media outlets, parliaments and government officials. 

Shifting the focus to advocacy, Aeras leadership met with senior officials at the UK Department of Health, the Wellcome Trust, and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Aeras CEO Dr. Jacqui Shea joined an expert panel discussion hosted by the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Global Tuberculosis (APPG TB). Along with panelists James Wharton MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, DFID, Lord Jim O'Neill, Chair of the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), Willo Brock, Senior Vice President, TB Alliance, and Helen Shirley-Quirk, Director of Emergency Preparedness and Health Protection Policy, Department of Health, Jaqcui made the case for why TB vaccines are a critical part of the effort to end TB.  It was an excellent chance to detail the role TB plays in the larger AMR challenge, as well as highlight opportunities for collaboration and progress moving forward.