EXPOSED: The Race Against Tuberculosis
Watch the four-part series of short films on the deadly global TB epidemic and the race to develop new tools to prevent it.

EXPOSED: The Race Against Tuberculosis (Official Trailer)

By telling the stories of four inspiring individuals, EXPOSED brings viewers to the forefront of the race against Tuberculosis.

Chapter 1: The Global Epidemic

Natalie Skipper survived multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis, but not before it flipped her life upside down. We weave together Natalie’s story – which took place in Nashville, Tennessee – with a global perspective on the pervasive threat posed by TB around the world.

Chapter 2: The Rise of a Superbug

Dr. Jayant Banavaliker, a leading TB doctor from Delhi, chronicles his daily struggle to save patients using today’s antiquated tools: diagnostics barely more predictable than chance, drugs that can be toxic and weak against the pathogen, and a vaccine with limited protection. We also travel to South Africa, where Phumeza Tisile tells the harrowing story of her near-death experience with extensively drug-resistant TB.

Chapter 3: The Innovation Movement

Unathi Gwintsa lives with her daughter in Worcester, South Africa, a community devastated by TB. But she’s not sitting back and waiting for the answer. She has volunteered in a clinical trial of one of a dozen TB vaccine candidates in clinical development. We follow her story along with others working tirelessly to rid their communities and the planet of TB.

Chapter 4: The Last Mile

Professor Helen McShane has dedicated the last 12 years of her life to developing a new Tuberculosis vaccine. We follow her team’s unprecedented work at Oxford University and explore why now is a pivotal moment in history to save millions of lives and end the TB epidemic.