Our Mission

Aeras is a nonprofit organization developing new, effective tuberculosis (TB vaccines) that are affordable and accessible to all who need them. We work through partnerships in both the public and private sectors, with individuals, research organizations, academic institutions, funders, policymakers and others around the world to make progress in TB vaccine research. Together with our partners and collaborators, we are advancing the best TB vaccine science and working toward a common goal of ending TB. Aeras is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland (USA), with a clinical development and operations office in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Advancing TB Vaccine Science

Tuberculosis vaccine research and development - Aeras

We will not eliminate TB with the current vaccine and vaccination strategies available. The World Health Organization’s End TB Strategy states that a new, more effective vaccine is essential to ending TB. In fact, a widely used, more effective TB vaccine would be the single most cost-effective tool in mitigating this epidemic.

Fifteen years ago, there was only one vaccine candidate in the clinical trial pipeline. Since then, Aeras has helped develop 9 TB vaccine candidates and conducted over 35 Phase 1-2b clinical trials. Of the 12 vaccine candidates currently in human clinical trials globally, four are supported by Aeras. Because the field will not reach success without innovation and significant investment, Aeras has also worked diligently to build coalitions among stakeholders and move TB vaccine research into the forefront of global public health discussions.

Aeras Africa

The Aeras Africa office, located in Cape Town, South Africa, is geographically well-positioned to conduct and support clinical trials, collaborate with key stakeholders and the experienced and highly sophisticated biomedical researchers in South Africa, and strengthen regional TB efforts. Our Africa-based staff play leading roles in preparing for and implementing clinical trials, ensuring the needed laboratory capacity, and overseeing trial data management.

Aeras Asia

With our cultural and political expertise, Aeras Asia helps key regional stakeholders understand the landscape of TB. We connect policy makers, advocates, research organizations, governments, donors, academic institutions, industry, healthcare workers, and others throughout the region.