Aeras Community Engagement Program

Aeras’s Community Engagement (CE) program is integral to the clinical trials we conduct with our partners.  CE programs establish relationships between researchers and stakeholders within communities where clinical trials take place, creating a platform for the local community to partner with the scientific community in research efforts. We are committed to continuing this important collaboration with clinical trial sites, activists, PDPs, communities and other stakeholders to ensure appropriate community engagement is integrated into the development of new safe and affordable TB vaccines.

Good Participatory Practice Guidelines

Aeras helped create and is committed to following the Good Participatory Practice guidelines for TB Vaccine Research (GPP-TB VACC). Good participatory practices are guidelines (or standards) that research teams can apply to meaningfully involve key stakeholders in different aspects of the research, before, after, and in between trials. Eventual development and delivery of a new TB vaccine depends on effective collaboration, shared learning, and enduring advocacy from countries and communities across the world. Research teams can use GPP-TB VACC to obtain wider community support or buy-in about a trial, enhance their messaging and communication, and gather useful data and ideas about different aspects of the research. Aeras supports the principles outlined in the guidelines, including respect, mutual understanding, integrity, transparency, accountability and community stakeholder autonomy. 

Strategic Priorities for Community Engagement

  1. Implement GPP at all clinical trial sites involved in TB vaccine clinical trials.
  2. Establish a TB Vaccine Community Engagement Network that is utilized as a trusted resource for stakeholders involved in GPP implementation for TB vaccine clinical trials.
  3. Collaborate with organizations involved in community or stakeholder engagement related to TB or TB vaccine clinical trials to leverage potential efficiencies and resources across organizations.

Email us with comments or questions about Aeras’s Community Engagement Program or our resources.