Catalyzing Tuberculosis Vaccine Research

Vaccines: Better, faster.

We’re lowering the barriers to progress by building new partnerships and advancing TB research and development to save more lives.

TB and Mining

Measured in either money or lives, Tuberculosis takes an enormous toll across the mining industry. The burden of these costs are felt by workers, families, communities, nations and corporations. Aeras is working with key stakeholders to find new areas of collaboration and shared research goals, finding new ways to make progress in preventing more lives from being lost due to TB.

Zooberculosis: The Intersection of Human and Animal TB

The spread of TB in animals and humans is an enormous public health problem, as well as an economic strain on agricultural and health budgets. Aeras is working to inform vaccine development in both animal and human TB by combining expertise, learning and resources. We are engaging new stakeholders with interest that bridges both animal and human TB (farmers, livestock industry, veterinarians, agricultural agencies, animal rights groups, etc.), because a TB vaccine is a long-term, cost-effective solution that works to save human and animal lives.

Tuberculosis and Healthcare Workers

On the front lines of TB care in clinical settings around the world, a wide variety of healthcare workers have an increased risk of infection due to their exposure to patients and laboratory specimens. Aeras aims to increase demand for effective preventative measures against infection, including vaccine research and development, and assist these critical members of the TB community.