Global Access Planning: Facilitating Future Introduction and Use

Aeras currently incorporates strategic access planning into its global tuberculosis vaccine research and development process to maximize the speed of public health impact of new TB vaccines. The aims of the access strategy are to develop a way to think systematically about the potential barriers to TB vaccine R&D and to identify strategies that can help reduce the time to market and accelerate introduction of new TB vaccines in high-, middle- and low-income countries. Aeras gathers global and national evidence, conducts research activities, and fosters partnerships to inform evidence-based decisions on TB vaccine R&D and investment, including:

  • Data to inform R&D product formulation, presentation and regulatory strategy
  • Economic value of new TB vaccines for infants, adolescents and adults
  • Impact of new TB vaccines on public health
  • Acceptable and sustainable vaccine prices for donors, suppliers and countries
  • Estimation of global vaccine capacity and supply
  • New TB vaccines’ potential market value

The development of a new technology alone is not sufficient to improve global health, especially in countries with large populations living in poverty or with underdeveloped health systems. Aeras now has the opportunity to strategically plan and set into motion the economic, social and political system building blocks required to bring a new TB vaccine to market. Overcoming future barriers for vaccine investment and introduction can only be achieved with a focus on access today.