Portfolio Approach

The Global Pipeline of TB Vaccine Candidates

Researchers around the world are developing tuberculosis vaccines in various stages of clinical development. Aeras is involved in the development of six of the vaccine candidates in clinical trials.

The overarching objective in portfolio management is to realize R&D cost efficiency through effective decision making.  Given the high level of scientific uncertainty in TB vaccinology and systems biology, it is imperative that the decision-making process of product selection, redirection and termination is based on a strategy that aims to strengthen and diversify the portfolio. This process builds on data generated by individual projects that is then taken to the portfolio scenario level. More than individual project selection, portfolio management must encompass quality decision-making processes that seek to maximize the probability of success against acceptable cost and risk.

The people who serve within the decision-making and advisory bodies must have the necessary technical and business expertise to ensure vaccines within the portfolio satisfy the strategic goals. These decision makers are also in charge of translating their decisions into action, which involves figuring out the strategic fit of each product, allocating resources appropriately and explaining their portfolio decisions to others. Finally, a decision is only as good as its implementation. That means the majority of stakeholders - IP owners, donors and scientists - must support the portfolio decision’s consequences.

Project Management & Advisory Groups

Our Project Management System incorporates a matrix approach, led by product teams and an internal project leader. Expert working committees, which include external experts, provide Aeras teams input and guidance on strategic decision making and planning.

Vaccine Advisory Committee

Biomarkers and Correlates Working Group

Institutional Biosafety Committee

Economic Working Group